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we make websites....

we make websites....and other stuff

....Whether you are looking for an e-commerce outlet, a personal website or just a few touches to make your blog your own, we can help you...


bespoke web design

At Wild Reality we pride ourselves on creating unique & signature websites for our clients. We don't use templates, corner-cuts or conveyor-belt production. We hand-code, cross-browser test and provide mobile & tablet compatibility as standard, and as a result every design is unique. We know you want your website to reflect your personality and USP and we make achieving this our primary focus.

we provide...

handcoding & unique design

Mobile & Tablet compatibility

e-Commerce & marketing

logo & branding

Search Engine Optimisation

site upload & maintenance

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Need your Wordpress blog customised?

artwork for
your blog

We can create a bespoke banner or other graphics optimised for you chosen theme

fonts &
color scheme

We can select the font and color schemes best suited to your look.


If you purchased the "CSS" option on WP.com, or have a WP blog on your own website we can adapt any theme to your specific needs.

graphic design

We create artwork for real-world and web. Our past projects have included everything from wedding designs to civic art installations. If we love the work, we take it on, no matter the size. So, whether you just want a logo for your blog, some personalised icons for your desktop, or a set of murals for you café walls - get in touch!

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copywriting & content creation

Too many web designers don't pay attention to the content their finished design will contain. But even the best layout can be let down by poor or badly proofed copy. At Wild Reality we consider helping our clients with content to be part and parcel of our service, and will make sure your message gets out there, impactful and memorable (and typo-free!).

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about us

Wild Reality is a small company based in Somerset near the beautiful Blackdown Hills. Clients choose us for our hands-on and support-based approach. We care passionately about achieving a blend of form and function in everything we do. Our websites are all hand-coded and each one is a unique statement of our individual client's personality. We like to form a lasting relationship with the people we work with and to help their projects develop over weeks, months or years.

to get a quote or ask about our services email us.... enquiries@wild-reality.com.... We're looking forward to hearing from you